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Custom Portrait for your Blog / Banner

Image of Custom Portrait for your Blog / Banner


If you're looking for a realistic portrait to include on your blog I'd love to create one for you! Portraits look super cute in either your banner or above a little blurb on your side banner about you.

Other than a portrait of yourself.. the drawing can be of any person or animal you wish.. just so long as you provide a photo!

These drawings can be finished in 2 ways: either left as a pencil sketch or drawn in ink (to look more like a pen illustration.)

To order:
1. After you place your order just send me the photo you would like me to use. My e-mail address is (or you can include the photo in your order if that is possible.)

2. Please let me know the finished size you need the drawing to be.
3. and whether you want it finished as a pencil sketch or ink drawing.

4. I will complete the drawing within 1 week and will send it to you for approval. At that point if you want me to make any changes, that would be fine!

Thanks for looking! Please don't hesitate to ask any questions!

If you would like the original hand drawn sketch I'd be happy to mail it to you. I would just need the cost of shipping: $4 in the US / $6 everywhere else! Frameable art! It would be about 5in x 8in. If you would like a larger drawing we can discuss new pricing!